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The Baba Shaam Singh Sevapanthi Scholarship was set up in 2019 to help support research and training in the conservation of Sikh heritage. The scholarship was set up in memory of Baba Shaam Singh Sevapanthi, a saint and kirtani (sacred musician) at Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar who performed kirtan for almost 75 years and lived from 1803 to 1926. Baba Shaam Singh personally funded the repair of Guru Granth Sahib manuscripts from the last few remaining skilled bookbinders and encouraged others to do the same. In memory of Baba Shaam Singh’s spirit of heritage preservation, a scholarship was set up by Pothi Seva to help fund research and training in this field. 


For a full description of the terms and scope of the grant, please read here.

We welcome anyone with an interest in supporting this cause to become a sponsor by contributing a regular standing order each month to the bank details provided below:

Pothi Seva

Sort Code: 089299

Account Number: 65628689


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