Who we are:

Pothi Seva is a charitable organisation primarily committed to the conservation (sMBwl iv`dXw) of Sikh manuscripts and printed texts. The team is made up of one professional book and paper conservator and a small team of trained volunteers (sMBwl syvwdwr) .

What we do:

-Provide a conservation service (sMBwl syvw) for repairing Gurmukhi Pothis and books using materials and techniques using methods in line with Sikh tradition as well as scientifically grounded conservation.


-Provide preservation advice  for individuals as well as Gurdwaras and institutions who are custodians of Gurmukhi Pothis and books.


-Provide a service for the re-circulation of repaired and undamaged Gurmukhi Pothis and books.

Where we are based:

The main workshop is located at Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha at Havelock Road, Southall.


Detail of a conserved Das Granthi from 1904.

Credit: Courtesy of a private collection.