How can I help Pothi Seva financially?

Pothi Seva is run entirely on voluntary donations and we do not have a set fee for our time or charge for materials and equipment that is used. This system allows us to offer professional quality conservation treatments to members of the wider community regardless of their means to afford it.


Financial donations are greatly appreciated and to help support this system and you are welcome to send regular (standing order) or one-off donations using the bank details shown in the Gift Aid declaration form mentioned below.


Is Pothi Seva registered for Gift Aid?

Pothi Seva is registered with HMRC under reference EW90888 and can claim Gift Aid relief on your donations. This amounts to 25% additional money towards the seva and so we would humbly request that anyone making a donation who is a UK taxpayer (working and paying Income Tax for example) completes a Gift Aid declaration which is available as a simple online Google Form here.


If you have any questions about the form, please get in touch here.


How can I claim Gift Aid on my donations to Pothi Seva?

Furthermore, if you pay tax at the higher and additional rates of tax (broadly if your annual income is more than £45,000) you can claim additional tax relief by completing a tax return or asking HMRC to update your tax code.


If you need any further instructions on how to do this, our Treasurer Pavandip Singh Dhillon can help you. Simply send your query via email to


What if I do not pay tax and cannot make donations eligible for Gift Aid?

In this case, you can make a donation by using the bank details below. However, if you start to become a taxpayer, please don’t forget to complete the Gift Aid declaration mentioned above.


Pothi Seva

Sort Code: 089299

Account Number: 65628689


​Do you publish your annual accounts?

Yes, please see the accounts posted here. All contributions are applied wholly to seva projects and no one is paid for their seva or expenses incurred.