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If you are an individual or organisation who would like to request the repair of a Gurmukhi book,  Pothi Sahib or a Guru Granth Sahib Sarup please contact us using the details below.




Phone: 07821269324


Our system is based on the following steps.


1. Receiving images showing damage. Ideally, 5-10 images should be sent via email or WhatsApp which show the damage and overall condition.


2. Sending a time estimate and conservation proposal. 


3. Documenting the condition before conservation work and then commencing the treatment.

4. Returning the Guru Granth Sahib, Pothi or book along with a verbal or written record of the work completed. At this point, the individual or organisation can give a voluntary donation in accordance with their own budget and the time spent for the conservation seva. 


Detail of a mid-20th century Mahan Kosh before seva. 

Credit: Courtesy of a private collection.

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