Below is a list of papers and articles published by the team:


Dhillon, Jasdip Singh, ‘Blessed is that paper’: The Dhan Su Kagad research project, 2018 Frederick Bearman Memorial Lecture, St. Bride Foundation, 10th December, 2018


Dhillon, Jasdip Singh, Renaissance or Death Knell: Did lithography mark the end or a new beginning for Sikh manuscript culture? at Multiple impressions: the coexistence of scribal practices and printing technologies in texts, SOAS, London, 13th June 2018

Dhillon, Jasdip Singh, Sikh Codices: The Development of a Conservation Approach at Care and Conservation of Manuscripts 17, Copenhagen, 12th April 2018

Bansal, Jivanpal Singh and Kalsi, Mandeep Singh, Dhan Su Kagad: An Introduction to Pothi Seva at Parkash 2017, Guru Nanak Sikh Secondary School


Journal Articles

Dhillon, Jasdip Singh, The 'Pothi Seva' Endband in Bookbinder, Volume 30, 2016

Dhillon, Jasdip Singh, Blessed is that paper: The Dhan Su Kagad project in Amritsar, in Icon Book and Paper Group Blog, 4th September 2018



Bansal, Jivanpal Singh, Dosanjh, Sukhraj Singh, and Kalsi, Mandeep Singh, “An Introduction to Pothi Seva” at Sikh2Inspire Camp 2018


Dhillon, Jasdip Singh, and Kalsi, Mandeep Singh,An Introduction to Pothi Seva” at Sikh2Inspire Camp 2017

Bansal, Jivanpal Singh, and Dhillon, Jasdip Singh,An Introduction to Pothi Seva” at Sikh2Inspire Camp 2016